commercial real estate property

Whether you own, lease or manage commercial property, it is vital that you keep your costs down to support the greatest possible return. Commercial real estate includes:

  • Retail shopping centers
  • Office buildings
  • Plazas
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Restaurants
  • Marinas
  • Golf courses
  • Nursing & Retirement homes

To ensure the longevity of this real estate investment, it is essential to recognize the lowest tax burden possible through accurate tax valuations and taking advantage of municipal tax incentives. Having knowledgeable professionals managing this aspect of the property will protect you from pitfalls and missed opportunities to recover substantial profits and costs.

Navitax will help in developing a specialized approach to your commercial property tax matters by diligently determining issues that need to be addressed and implementing them through the appeal process so you in turn realize the savings. These services will include:

  • Apportionment of land and its uses
  • Identification of buildings and structures
  • Review of tax classifications
  • Correction of data
  • Establishment of asset performance
  • Comparable sales report
  • Market data analysis
  • Determination of key issues for the appeal
  • Maintenance of a correct valuation
  • Classification and zoning issues
  • Exercise of appropriate municipal applications
  • Negotiation of assessment
  • Property inspections
  • Determination of locational factors and externalities
  • Review of leases and cap rates
  • Legal representation at the Assessment Review Board

These are just some of the many aspects that are included for our commercial clients. The best part is that we operate on a contingency fee basis, if we do not save you money through our consulting services, you do not pay us. This is the No Win – No Fee guarantee and our fees are paid as a percentage of the property tax savings we can achieve for our client. So do not wait, contact us today by filling out the inquiry form on this page and we will get back to you with steps on proceeding with property tax appeals for commercial properties.

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