commercial real estate property

For land owners the importance of carrying costs is a top priority, to ensure ownership of the land remains advantageous as an investment. As property taxes are one of the only carrying costs on vacant or bare land, we ensure that you are paying the lowest amount possible and that all of the issues are captured in the reflected assessment and taxation value. We secure an assessment that takes into account concerns that may have been overlooked for years such as:

  • Apportionment of land
  • Accessibility
  • Topography & land characteristics
  • Environmental concerns
  • Contaminations
  • Classifications and zoning
  • Plottage and Assemblage
  • Comparable sales and assessments
  • Market demand and supply
  • Site positioning and externalities

With our No Win-No Fee guarantee it costs nothing to contact us and appeal your property assessment. We handle the process from start to finish and our fee would only be a percentage of the property taxes we are able to achieve.

Reduce the associated taxation risks on your ICI land investments with our services to effectively manage this recurring expense. Do not miss the appeal deadlines, complete the inquiry form below and a property tax consultant will contact you on getting started to ensure all appeal and property tax relief opportunities are examined and undertaken.

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