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multi-residential real estate

Multi-Residential Property Tax Experts Ready To Consult With You

Navitax understands that owning or operating a multi-family property can be a constant challenge. Awareness of several difficulties in multi-residential for our clients include: management, estate planning considerations, business objections, operational complications, utilities, accounting, rental collections, vacancies, turnover rates, legal quarrels and so forth. These issues solidify whether the property will succeed in a positive return or diminish in profitability. Navitax will ensure that the property will have the greatest advantage possible on decreasing and maintaining property taxes, a primary expense on all multi-residential real estate.

Multi-family properties include:

  • Multi-story high rise
  • Garden apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Row houses
  • Townhouses

Evaluating the assessment of this property class means undertaking a variety of different demands; accordingly, we:

  • Analyze cap rates in the vicinity
  • Identify buildings and structures
  • Correct data used by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation
  • Establish asset performance
  • Produce comparable sales reports
  • Provide market data analysis
  • Consider access to amenities
  • Conclude key issues to be raised during appeal
  • Accurately identifying vacancies
  • Exercise the appropriate municipal applications
  • Site inspections
  • Negotiate changes
  • Establish locational factors and externalities
  • Representation at the Assessment Review Board hearing

Maximize your inflows and minimize your outflows. Decreasing your property taxes is our commitment.

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