multi-residential real estate

Owning and operating multi-residential properties bring constant challenges for our clients such as: management, business objections, operational complications, utilities, accounting, rental collections, vacancies, turnover rates, estate planning considerations, legal quarrels and so forth. These issues solidify whether the property will succeed in a positive return on investment or diminishment in profitability. With all the other involvement needed in the multi-residential property class, Navitax ensures that the clients will have the greatest advantage possible on their property taxes, a key expense on all multi-residential properties.

Multi-family properties include:

  • Multi-story high rise
  • Garden apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Row houses
  • Townhouses

Evaluating the assessment and taxation of this property class means undertaking a variety of different demands; accordingly, we will:

  • Analyze cap rates in the vicinity
  • Identify buildings and structures
  • Correct data used by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation
  • Establish asset performance
  • Produce comparable sales reports
  • Provide market data analysis
  • Consider access to amenities
  • Conclude key issues to be raised during appeal
  • Accurately identify vacancies
  • Exercise the appropriate municipal applications
  • Perform site inspections
  • Negotiate changes
  • Establish locational factors and externalities
  • Represent and advocate at the Assessment Review Board

Maximizing your inflows and minimizing your outflows is the purpose of creating sound investment properties in the multi-residential property class. We are committed to pursuing the lowest property tax burden possible as your professional property tax consultants. With our cost-effective fee structure that requires no upfront retainer and no fees until property tax savings have been recovered, we only charge a percentage of property tax savings achieved. You may be missing out on hidden property tax savings year after year, so contact us through the inquiry form on this page and we will get back to you to help achieve the best possible tax return on your multi-residential investment properties.

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