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Property Tax Consulting Services

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As professional property tax consultants, our business is to advocate property owners and occupants in real estate tax appeal procedures that will save them on property taxes. As a property tax company dedicated to reducing the tax liability of your property; we provide full solutions to analysing, managing and disputing property taxes though various programs that result in substantial savings.

Using our success fee approach, if we do not save you money through our consulting services, you do not pay us.

We strive to build a specific approach to each property in a portfolio to effectively increase the chances of success. Our commitment is to help our clients cut the costs of property tax liabilities and in effect improve their investments return for many years to come.

Navitax has a proven track record of delivering successful property tax savings through appeals and other applications for a wide range of property types including commercial, industrial and multi-residential. Learn more about how to appeal your property tax assessment. Navitax is the home of tax solutions experts with a proven history of successfully lowering property taxes across Ontario.

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Legal Services

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We provide paralegal services to our Clients for representing and advocating their interests in property tax appeals exclusively at the Assessment Review Board (ARB) - part of the Environment and Land Tribunals Ontario (ELTO). The ARB hears matters in property assessment, tax classification, municipal apportionment, cancellation, and reduction among other appeals. The Law Society of Ontario maintains a Certificate of Authorization for Navitax Property Tax Consulting Paralegal Professional Corporation.

Jonas Perov, A.I.M.A, Licensed Paralegal
Property Tax Consultant


We take an innovative approach to each property, analyzing all aspects and externalities of the tax valuation.


We hold membership with the Institute of Municipal Assessors, an association widely recognized for its members being the leading professionals in the property assessment industry.


To successfully reduce the property tax for owners, landlords and lessees; returning them substantial savings and improving investment performance.

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Our Services

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Establish cost based value approaches for construction methodology analysis

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Investigate property specifications and performance

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Analyze assessment authority valuations & municipal tax bills

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Examine tax hikes, increases and reductions

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Identify site characteristics, apportionments & property classifications

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Review market demand, supply, location, sales and externalities

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Inspect sites and buildings for taxation purposes

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Negotiate assessments, classifications and issues

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Review leases, rent rolls & cap rates

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Represent Clients in the appeal process & at the board or tribunal

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Identify tax incentive programs

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Prepare reports, evidence and supporting documentation